Client: Maui Whale Watching
Maui whale watching

This beautiful, image-heavy parallax one-page site is responsive, has plenty of unique custom graphics, and is a category killer.

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Maui Guide

Since we already have a very strong, broad Maui visitor site, we thought we'd use the amazing domain to build more of a review site for the island. We also incorporated 3 old sites into this one, including, and It's responsive, Wordpress, and very image-heavy.

Client: Snorkeling Molokini
Snorkeling Molokini

As you can see, Pride of Maui is out to build category killing sites that offer great sites with beautiful imagery and helpful information. This is another parallax, responsive one-page Wordpress site.

Client: Taqueria Cruz
Taqueria Cruz

We went above and beyond for this little taco shop in south Kihei. We LOVE their food, so we decided to build a beautiful responsive Wordpress site along with do a full photo shoot, build a gorgeous video, and of course sample everything...again. Since building their site and promoting them, they're seeing a big bump in nightly guest count.

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Baby Maui

We had a very talented intern from Germany with us for 3 months, and she put together a bunch of great designs for baby and children's clothing and accessories. This site helps us sell those designs on an assortment of products.

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Molokini Crater

Newly rebuilt, this site is in Wordpress, mainly because we needed a mobile friendly site. It's responsive, and we were able to convert the popular Flash home page map into HTML5 with CSS3. We've also added a blog component.

Client: Hawaii Web Group

Because the Chinese are starting to visit Hawaii more than ever, we created a website written by our Chinese partners at China Foundations. This Mandarin site is the sister site to our

Client: Pride of Maui
Snuba Maui

We wanted to be a little more creative with the animations in this parallax, one-page responsive Wordpress site. We think you'll like the snuba couple as they descend.

Client: Ace Physical Therapy
Maui Physical Therapy

This is a sister site to their existing Wordpress site. We loved the domain, so we thought we'd build a category killer that offers a comprehensive list of Physical Therapists on Maui.

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Hawaii Superferry

We know, the Superferry is long gone. But since we still get traffic to this site, we decided to rebuild it so that it's responsive. It continues to let people know about the history of this vessel.

Wait, there's more? Yup!