Client: Maui Executive Catering
Maui Executive Catering

We didn't intend to take on another site this year, but when the opportunity presented itself, we were honored to build their site. Maui Executive Catering is an absolute monster in the culinary world. They've made a name for themselves on Maui, but the rest of the world is just starting to hear about them. Chef Jeff Scheer is likely to be a household name in the next few years.

We used Bootstrap and Wordpress to build this visually stimulating website. It's got some great features as well as ticket booking for their intimate Maui Chef's Table events.

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Maui car rentals

The original site we had here was a dinosaur. We had to revamp it if anyone was going to take it seriously. It's now a very clean and easy site to navigate with loads of excellent information and a booking form for car rentals on Maui.

Client: Iao Valley Inn
Iao Valley Inn

This was our first time working with a hotel booking system. We built this static site using Bootstrap, and we love the responsive, clean feel of the site. Lots of photo slideshows, custom map, and great information about the area.

For fun, we also created a great video showing the property, inside and out! Check it out on the home page.

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Lahaina Town

We found there was a need to offer a better map online for visitors looking for particular slips at the Lahaina Boat Harbor. Initially, we intended to just build maps and information for harbor visitors, but the more we researched the more we realized there wasn't enough quality information about Lahaina on the web.

Now there is! We've shared information, maps and photos on places to stay, eat, beaches, events, activities, homes for sale, as well as the diverse history of the area. The site is responsive and attractive.

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Road to Hana

This was our first time building a site that's completely responsive (since this, we've created many more, and it's doubtful we'll ever build unresponsive again.) That means that the site is optimized to look differently on every type of device and screen size. The code is clean, the custom maps are cool, and the site has loads of information that people love.

This was one of the more challenging sites we've built because we wanted to share the best spots along the Road to Hana with visitors while not upsetting the local people of Hana. We teamed up with some Hana locals that walked us through which spots they didn't mind us sending visitors.

Since creating this site, has become very popular and is recognized as one of the best authority sites for the area.

Client: Wailele Farm
Twin Falls Maui

After the success of, the good people of Wailele Farm approached us to help them increase awareness of the farm around the falls. Twin Falls gets millions of visitors, so they didn't need more traffic. Instead, their goal is to inform visitors about their mission and how this private land is open to the public because they choose to share the plentiful valley.

Wailele Farm appreciated how we treated the Road to Hana sensitively, and we continue to share their mission and goals, and increase awareness of dangers along streams and waterfalls. We also created a detailed video sharing the property and giving directions. Our custom map also helps visitors understand the layout of the property.

They wanted to encourage sharing through social media, so we incorporated a few Instagram feeds around the site. If you visit, take photos and hashtag #TwinFallsMaui to have your photos show up on the home page of this popular, responsive site!

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Maui Information Guide

Recognized as an official authority of Maui tourism, Maui Information Guide is found for over 10,000 keywords and ranks #1 for dozens of high volume searches. Touching on almost every subject possible for Maui, this guide is enjoyed for its thorough analysis of subjects as well as the beautiful photos and videos present within the content.

Its thousands of pages are viewed on all devices, thanks to its responsive nature. Hawaii Web Group spent over 2 years testing and rebuilding the site. User experience was our number 1 priority, and we think it shows.

The site also has a blog component that is contributed to weekly that can be found at

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Maui Web Cameras

We're in the webcam game! What we've done here is aggregated most of the available webcams on Maui and added links and feeds to them. We've also started putting up our own HD cameras in ideal locations.

This site began with a BANG with good amounts of traffic that sustains long viewing times.

Client: Haleakala Bike Company
Bike Maui

Haleakala Bike Company needed their old site rebuilt. They're #1 for most all Maui bike keywords, so it was important that we build it in the most search friendly way, without hurting it's current ranking. The new site adheres to Google Webmaster Guidelines and uses code that search engines prefer over the old site.

We were drawn to working with Haleakala Bike Company because they have the best safety record of any bike company (and we enjoy making the journey with them!)

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Maui Goodness

We do a lot of promotion for Hawaii websites and activities. This simple blog site was built to give us a little release from the Always Positive aspects of Hawaii. We wanted a place to write some unbiased material. Since it's creation, the site has blown up with a high volume of traffic. Something we didn't intend or expect. Since we've noticed the upswing in traffic, we continue to write about whatever we want. We do activities, go to events and think about the negative and positive of each situation.

Wait, there's more? Yup!