Client: Hawaii Web Group
Maui Maps

This is one of our favorite websites ever made. Our visitors love the Flash interactive map on the home page. Each location and activity page has a Twitter feed for each subject, video, photos, local tips, and detailed information. Feel free to poke around and enjoy the site. We've spent a lot of time to make it great.

Client: Floating Surf Villas Indonesia
Floating Surf Villas

This site has been rebuilt several times since we created what you see above. We loved the original concept and feel, which was designed before the surf villas were even complete. It had infographics, a warm, surreal feel, and great images.

The owners made the decision to rebuild the site with a content management system.

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Maui Sailing

We used a premium domain name to secure a URL that can be identified as an authority for this particular activity. The site has some custom-built maps of the harbors as well as photos, directions, information, and a list of the many sailing tours available on the island. The site uses pure CSS and HTML. We used really clean and lean code and we've featured some new additions that add to the overall fun of the site. (We like that the sails are transparent!) We plan on promoting this site and getting it to #1 for most all Maui Sailing keywords.

Client: Hawaii Life
Maui Real Estate and Development

This altered wordpress blog was regularly updated by our content writer, of whom was heavily involved in the industry. There are thousands of real estate websites for the island of Maui, but this one is very different. It offers unbiased information and news on current and future developments on Maui. Our goal wasn't to buy or sell our visitors property, but instead to inform with a high-level of accuracy.

We've since sold the site to Hawaii Life.

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Maui Surfing

There are many surf schools on Maui, but few offer the kind of information avid surfers are looking for. We've put together information on different ocean board sports, surf spots, surf schools and surf reports for Maui, Hawaii.

Client: Akia Weddings and Events
Akia Weddings

Maui wedding planners have stiff competition when working to promote their businesses online and in the real world. We put additional detail into this largely informational website. We worked hard to get them to #1 for our desired keywords, and have been successful in bringing in quite a bit of inquiries for wedding planning.

We've since stopped working with Akia and are not sure if they've continued operating.

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Hawaii Photography

Our first community social platform, Hawaii Photography offers photographers from all over the ability to display their Hawaii work for free. With hundreds of active members, this site has quickly built up a following with many regularly contributing members and tens of thousands of photographs.

Client: Motiv8 Productions
Maui Cribs

This project was built for a local videography company offering a powerful video content portal showing videos in an MTV-Cribs-Style. In the videos, we explored Maui luxury estates for rent and/or for sale. This was a powerful viral marketing approach for high-end real estate on Maui, Hawaii. We were not working towards quantity as much as towards quality of video. Everything must be HIGH-END!

Client: Natalie Brown Photography
Natalie Brown Photography

Natalie Brown required a rebuild from our original site. This new one uses Wordpress, so she can now edit the photos freely. Natalie is one of Maui's top photographers for weddings and portraits. Her portfolios and blog keep her eager audience engaged with beautiful photos.

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Lahaina Halloween

Our Lahaina Halloween site has information as well as very popular photo galleries of the costumed festivities held on Front Street each year. Seasonal, this site is very popular, especially for the photo galleries. On the site, there are a few fun flash components, but otherwise the site is built with CSS.

Wait, there's more? Yup!