Client: Maui Nutritional Therapy
Maui Nutritional Therapy

After over a year of remarkable results from using Maui Nutritional Therapy's services, it was a no-brainer to help them with a new site. Nicole has literally changed our lives for the better. This is a simple site built in Wordpress, responsive, and has some beautiful imagery.

Client: Best Maui Activities
Best Maui Activities
This is one of our favorite sites to date. Its completely custom Wordpress theme offers a blast of visuals along with powerful functionality unseen on most one-page, parallax sites. Having the content load quickly was a huge challenge, considering the weighty files used across the site. Each element has been created allowing for backend WP admin editing.

Client: Sporting Club of the Pacific
Sporting Club of the Pacific

This site is unlike most we've created. It's in Wordpress using multiple pages to drive across graphic and image heavy content to its users. The site is unique in it's feel and vision, and the products are out of this world!

Client: Maui Tropical Plantation
Mill House Maui

This was a rebuild from the original site for Maui Executive Catering, which we still have another phase to complete. It shares this amazing restaurant, the farm and it's surrounding property.

Client: Holo Holo Maui Tours
Holo Holo Maui Tours

This site was a lot of fun to build. Responsive, Wordpress, and a warm feel.

Client: Hawaii Web Group
Bali Guide

This was a labor of love. We're trying to do the same thing in Bali Indonesia that we've done here on Maui. We've sent our writer and photographer to live in Bali for at least one year, so you can expect a ton more content added soon.

Wait, there's more? Yup!