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International Real Estate

For our realtor/broker client, Dano Sayles, we've been taking blogging a few steps further. Dano's team travels quite a bit, especially now that they're opening up brokerages in Asia.

Each day, his team has been sending us photos and a dictation from that day. We then translate that content into an immediate blog post, where we also share each person and business they've met that day. Next, we promote this post across Hawaii Web Group social media profiles as well as the Dano Sayles Team social media. Finally, we reach out to these people via social media and email to let them know they're included with photos, links, contact information, and description about their meeting.


In the 30 days after our first Asia trip blog post, our efforts resulted in:

  • 20,144 pageviews to our main website (almost an 8% increase from the previous period.)
  • Our social reach on Facebook and Twitter alone added up to over 1,900 interactions by over 1,600 unique users resulting in 123,400 impressions.
  • Hawaii Web Group’s social media promotions of our activities reached an additional 112,500 unique users.
  • Exceedingly impressive 1st and 2nd impressions on those we met with.
  • Visual proof to our current clients that we’re going above and beyond the normal real estate team’s efforts in promoting their properties to new potential buyers.

Massive Epic Blogs

Well Beyond the Scale of Normal Blogging
Massive Post

50 Things to do in Maui

When dealing with a broad subject and looking for a multitude of longtail search rankings, building a volume of content beyond normal blog posts is a great idea.

This article is MASSIVE! Loads of unique, custom imagery as well as useful information.


As of mid 2014, the page has enjoyed:

  • 1,900 Facebook likes
  • 36 Tweets
  • This page has over 11,300 pageviews so far. Now about 1,300 monthly pageviews.

Negative Posts

Don't fear the negative! Even the worst can be enjoyed with humor.
deadly things in Hawaii

Negative Hawaii

Everything you read about Hawaii is positive and happy. Very rarily do you catch a glimpse of something scary, sad, or dangerous on the web, mostly because those writing are promoting some business.

BUT, when you do see something negative, you pay full attention (especially if you're planning on visiting soon.) We found this to be a really beneficial trait of any post. A recent post on had over 90,000 unique visitors to the site in just 3 days due to a tongue in cheek post about why you shouldn't vacation on Maui.

Artistic Blogging

When something is missing on the web, we create it.
Artistic Blogging

Legends of Maui

There are times when we need to get extra creative when building graphic images to accompany a blog post. After looking online, we found it very difficult to find any visual representation depicting the legends surrounding the demi-god Maui.

This was a great opportunity for us! Since image search is one of Google's strongest search platforms, we figured these images would capture an audience looking for these types of images and those interested in the blog post.

In only 2 months, this post has enjoyed:

  • 781 Facebook likes
  • 8 Pinterest Pins
  • 16 Tweets
  • 4 Google+ Shares
  • These aren't massive, but considering the limited audience for the subject, we attracted quite a bit of attention and are starting to rank well!