Our latest website utilizes viral infographics and a fun interactive flash map of the popular snorkeling destination of Molokini Crater. This is one of our own websites built to inform the public and promote different boats that take passengers out to snorkel.

Molokini Crater

This new site is completely responsive, so it looks great on all devices and screens. It was a challenge building the content because we endeavored to only add information that local Hana residents would be ok with. With help from Hana locals, we've achieved this while still offering great info.

Road To Hana

Our Facebook Maui guide is finally showing some serious progress. We're at over 223,000 fans and growing at a rapid pace. We love contributing with posts, and we love the impact it has on our visitors!

Facebook Hawaii
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  • almost 1 Million Unique Visitors/year

    When you advertise your Hawaii business with us, you take advantage of high-traffic websites with your target visitors. We deliver this traffic to your site at a very low price.

  • Reaching 1 million socially each week

    Social Media has been around for a while, and we've been on it since the beginning. Let us use our busy social channels to promote your social profiles. Brand Awareness can be yours!

  • Extraordinary
    Web design

    We are constantly building new websites and applications but mostly only to promote our advertising clients. We only take on 1-2 actual "webdesign clients" per year.

  • Viral Content

    Writing copy that appeals to web visitors is a skill in of itself. our writers bring your story to life. Need a blog post that will drive traffic or webpage that doesn't lose your customer's interest? We got it. Ask about our infographics.

  • Photo and Video

    Our staff photographer is the best on the island and will bring your business to life. As far as video goes, we're only shooting for specific clients right now. If you have a special project, we may be able to accommodate (or recommend).

  • SEO Consultation

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a constantly changing beast. We keep on top of it, and if you need help, we can walk you through what you're doing right and wrong. Sometimes all it takes is an hour to clean up BIG mistakes.



    Gathering and sharing webcamera feeds from all over Maui , as well as featuring some exclusive HD cams, this website brings in a good amount of looky-loo traffic.

    We capitalize on the day dreamers sitting at their desks on the mainland with a potential trip on their minds. This is excellent for planting seeds in our visitors collective planning schedule for particular activitites, accommodations, etc...

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    Maui Web Cameras

    Built for Haleakala Bike Company, this was a tricky rebuild. We'd put years into keeping the original site at #1 for high-traffic keywords. Building a new site needed to be handled very carefully. We succeeded in keeping the rankings and building a more intuitive, updated site.

    The new site is simpler to navigate, more attractive with much larger images, and includes trail maps and social interaction.

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    Maui bike tours

    Built as a more visual and social companion to the Maui Information Guide, offers visitors information and live streams about activities, real estate, accommodations, Maui regions, and weddings. The panoramic photo section is very popular.

    With the unique interactive flash map, this site has virally built traffic and is one of our strongest as far as quality visitors.

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    Maui Maps

    This thorough guide covers most everything that a visitor to Maui would like to know. It is our most popular website by far. It is undergoing a current complete rebuild to be unveiled soon.

    The new site will offer more interaction, more images and videos, and a brand new blog that will be updated regularly. We're working to make this site the go-to spot on the web for visitors interested in our amazing island.

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    Maui Guide

    Built for Boss Frog's in order to build brand awareness and additional bookings for 2 of their boats, has been strong in search engines along with bringing potential passengers closer to the shopping cart.

    The image heavy design uses clean css and manages to download quickly.

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    Molokini Maui

    Built to promote 3 vessels in particular, this site has loads of excellent sailing info, custom harbor maps, and information about outerislands.

    This sites attractive look and clean code makes it a popular destination for both visitors and search engine spiders.

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    Maui Sailing

    With close to 400 active members, this photography social network allows visitors viewing of thousands of Hawaii images and gives members opportunities to discuss with fellow photographers and share their work. is great for featuring particular photographers, and the blog is viewed pretty regularly.

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    Hawaii Photography

    This is is all Flash, which is a bit of a problem on some new devices, so the site will be rebuilt shortly. But, it is a great example of very complex Flash being used for a very simple purpose.

    This site remains in the top ten for all of her keywords. This is a great example of how Flash sites CAN rank in Google.

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    Natalie Brown
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Chris Norberg

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