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We build powerful content for Hawaii businesses then drive quality traffic to it.

about us

Hawaii businesses benefit massively from our skilled group of Maui residents. We only employ hard working graphic designers, social media managers, content writers, web designers, and web marketers that live here on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

We have spent close to a decade building valuable Hawaii visitor websites and highly-followed social media profiles in order to share our favorite businesses with the world.

Growing our audience slowly, we've concentrated on only those that are truly interested in Hawaii. Now that we reach millions, we continue to create beautiful content for our clients and use our sites and social media to let the world know about it!

2014 HWG Social Media & Website Reach

1.18 MILLION Website Users
2.2 MILLION Social Media Interactions
984 THOUSAND Social Media Unique Users
156.3 MILLION Social Media Impressions
58 Clients/Month We service 58 Hawaii clients monthly.


What we do best and what WORKS

At the end of the day, what our clients get is more targeted traffic that leads to more conversions.


With our small group of high-traffic visitor websites, Hawaii Web Group drives targeted traffic directly to client websites. We offer high-visibility placement on the most relevant pages with the goal of converting traffic and creating brand awareness.


Our team creates what we call "Epic Blog Posts and Articles" for our own sites and our client sites each month. These pages have well-researched, unique content written by fulltime Maui residents. We also build intriguing graphics utilizing our library of beautiful Hawaii images.


Because our visitor sites are considered authority, and our social media has massive follower count, we are able to immediately send target visitors to the new content we've created. This floods our client websites with traffic (and sometimes crashes their servers.)


Using our clients' voices, we're sharing regular updates and have a much higher level of engagement with their followers, which in turn helps them grow their core audience faster. We also leverage our large audience of HWG social media profiles to create awareness of client accounts.

We build attractive, fun ways to visually share sometimes stale information. The average internet user digests information far more rapidly when it is presented in a visually stunning, simple format. This allows for content to be shared virally.

For over a decade, we've been researching and testing what works well for particular reader groups. We know what gets shared, when, and how. With our unique insight, our content reaches more interested parties and becomes "Best of Web."

With professional photographers on staff, and unique ways of shooting video, our content is appreciated by an image-craving world. Our videos have been watched 100's of thousands of times, and our images have been seen by millions.

For our client accounts, and our own, we build an audience the hard way: By attracting only those that are truly interested. That means creating content they want and engaging with readers afterwards.

Social Media is a crucial piece of the pie. Relying on only one source of traffic is dangerous. Chris Norberg - Project Manager



View a more complete list of websites we've created.


Hawaii Web Group is so grateful to have such talented, professional Maui residents working here. Our little web firm is able to do big things and have a huge impact thanks to the hard work from each person.



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We are taking more marketing clients each month, but client web design is something we do very sparingly. We can refer you to trustworthy professionals, but we only personally take a few web design projects per year.